Roll axis stabilizes at -2,8 degrees
  • I have got the strange behavior that the roll axis stabilizes itself at -2,8 degrees after startup of the system. I cannot find any Setting to configure this.

    Flyduinoboard 3 axes
    Firmware 2.2b
    RC PPM-Sum connected

  • Hi Constantin.

    I am not an expert on the matter but I have run into situations where my gimbal did not level right and In my case it was duo to that the sensor was not leveled right or It just needed to be calibrated again. The violent shakes that it gets sometimes get can somehow throw the sensor off.

    but like I sad, I have only a 2-3 weeks experience to base my comment upon.
  • Hi,
    thanks for the comment. I know these situations where the gimbal has problems with holding its attitude, but this is right after start up and without any movement.
    I also thought it could be the calibration. But man can see that the roll is not level as well as the realtime data says -2,8 degree. And realtime data is data of the sensor - so sensor calibration must be good, the algorithm seems to stabilize to that angle.
    But why?