Gimbal shakes wildly when reaching end limits..
  • Hi everyone..

    I'm setting up my manual tilt control.. I have the Max angle set to 90 degrees..

    When I tilt the gimbal down manually as it approaches 90 degrees the gimbal shakes wildly.

    Are there limits or something that need to be set?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • Did you get this solved ? I have the same problem


  • Yeah it was mainly the power to the motors setting. The reason it was shaking was because the motors weren't receiving enough power. and once I bumped the power up a bit the shaking stopped.

    I did have to adjust the PIDS at a later date to get it perfect though.
  • Thanks, by how much did you have to increase the power ? and in what way did you have to alter the PID's
  • I think I increased the power by around 10 points. It was on 50, I made it 60 or 65.

    As of the PID, thats hard. Each situation is different. You asking 'in what way did you have to alter the PIDs' is like asking 'in what way did you turn the steering wheel to get around the track'. It's just hard to answer.. You'll have to do some searching on PID adjusting and try to learn.

    The PID and the power are all related to each other.. Sort of. Once you adjust one setting you have to do the other.