How to properly wire up what funtobuyonline sent me?
  • I just purchased and received a 3 axis brushless gimbal from funtobuyonline.com and for the board they sent me a basecam/iflight board for the main board and for the 3rd axis board they sent what looks like the bottom part of the flyduino 3rd axis add on board, but not positive. In any case it has no documentation and no information on the board itself (ie. where to connect SDA SCL etc) My understanding is that it should get the connections from the main board for gnd, 5v, sda, scl and send its data out to the IMU sensor in parallel with the data from the main board. I've written Funtobuyonline several times with hopes that they would send me some instruction or a map of how the black rectangular (like I said looks like the bottom part of the flyduino 3rd axis add on but without the top part that people solder the connections to with the flydiuno) 3rd axis needs to be wired, but for a few days now have received no response at all unfortunately. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Hi wonderfilm, i have forwarded your complaint to funtobuyonline.com. I hope they will help you soon.
  • Thank you. I hope so too.