USB port fell off the circuit board
  • The other day I plugged my usb cable into the usb port on the control board for the first time and I got no signal on the GUI. So I went to remove the usb cable carefully and the port mechanism came off the board in my hands. Manufacturing glitches happen, so no worries, but can someone tell me how to reattach the port? Can't tell if the metal contacts at back are supposed to fit against the board by pressure, do the feet of the unit solder onto board? Can't really tell--need a magnifying glass. I'd really appreciate help. Thanks!
  • Hi, maybe you can try to reattach it with a tiny solder. I'm going to post you a video that i made to solder a very little transistor to a board. You can do i in this way or you can put the usb port in place with a crocodile and use a heatgun to melt the tin. But you MUST DO NOT TOUCH nothing on the board before it cool down, because all the tin on the board will be melt and there is an HIGHT risk to messup all the other component. To understand this method i'll post you some video.
    I hope that this can help: