Converting PID Values from 1.3 to 2.0 FW and GUI
  • Hi Everyone,

    I read that PID values of the 1.3 FW aren't the same for the 2.0 FW. Is there any "converting" rule that I don't have to begin from the scratch again?

  • Hi there. After upgrading to v.2 things were messy, but I ended up using almost the same PI
    D values, as I has then in a previous version.
  • Thanks for sharing your experience. I checked again today, but I get some oscillations with the same PIDs than with FW 1.3. Before I had for Roll PID 12-0.11-10 and with FW 2.0 PID 22-0.12-20. Results are pretty much the same. But I had some problems, performing AUTO External FC gain after connecting BGC board to FC, bust this is another post... :-)