IMU Sensor Connections
  • I just bought one of the Basecam SimpleBGC32 units with one IMU sensor. The manual shows that I only need to add a second sensor in parallel with the first to monitor the Z axis for a 3 axis gimbal yet the new sensors look different and appear to connect in series. Does anyone know about this?
  • You don't HAVE to add a second IMU, it just gives you more precise stabilization.

    Regardless, if you are connecting multiple sensors to the same I2C (or CAN) bus these sensors share the different lines (5V, GND, SCL, SDA for I2C) so I guess you could call that a parallel connection.

    If you have sensors with two connection ports (leading you to think it is a serial connection) the second port is just spliced off the first. It just makes wiring up the sensors cleaner