Geopointing Using PWM
  • Hi there, I am trying to use a basecam gimbal controller to do the following things:
    -Geopoint/(region of interest) the gimbal in pitch and yaw whilst on a moving aircraft
    -Control the pitch and yaw via a pwm output from a flight controller (The same way a servo gimbal would work, sadly mavlink or other options aren't available, can only be pwm)

    Kit I've currently got
    Basecam32 controller with 2 imus
    Cheapy 3 axis gimbal for testing

    The problems I'm having;
    Firstly I wasn't able to input any PWM into the gimbal, i found that downgrading the firmware from 63b0 to 40 fixed this, i then re-updated to 63b0 and am able to receive PWM into the gimbal.
    Second problem is that whenever I turn on the gimbal it centres all axis and zeros the yaw to wherever it currently is, not to a set heading.
    Therefore when I power the gimbal the pwm input is different each time as the gimbal isn't locked and facing a certain way at power-up, and if i did this it would mean any lost steps would effect the rest of my flight.

    Do I need to use encoded motors etc? Or should i set up a second IMU? I'm trying to attach the gimbal to the rear of the aircraft in the roll axis so Ideally it wouldn't be a typical layout instead it would look like the traditional hanging style gimbal was rotated so the yaw is attached to a vertical face (making it now roll)
    Any help would be much appreciated!
  • does your yaw axis return to center when you move by hand ?
  • It does now, I added a 2-4k potentiometer to the yaw axis and set it up as an analog encoder.