YAW home position not consistent
  • Hi all,

    I have tried everything, but still fail to get YAW to home consistently after startup. Everything else is set up, tuned and works flawlessly.

    I need the home position of YAW to be either something fixed relative to frame or something fixed relative to true north.

    Setup: Cam-pitch-yaw-frame (set up as cam-pitch-roll-yaw-frame), roll unused. Both axis have encoders and controller has encoder firmware. frame(above yaw)+cam imu-s.

    What I need, is that home position would be in the center relative to frame.(Or actually any position as long as it is some fixed angle between frame and cam). I am controlling the angle via Serial API, and it is remote setup so there can not be any human interaction to home the camera.

    I have not gotten this to work, so am looking for ideas to get this to work.
    a) there is still some settings that could make the YAW to home, defined by some YAW encoder angle every startup.
    b) I need to attach home switch and script the controller to move yaw in one direction until switch state changes at let's say aux input, then make that position "home" every startup.

    I would not like to add wiring, especially since as I understand, the encoders provide potential cam to frame YAW information anyway.
  • Not sure if you read the manual, but if you are using 2.63+ version of GUI and firmware, you should have a tab "Service".
    There is a groupbox named "StartUp behaviour" which has three checkboxes under a line "Search and move motors to home positionat startup"
    If you want your Yaw motor to always rotate to it's zero position (motor's zero position, not IMU's zero position), when you power up your whole gimball (motors and your controller) you should check "YAW" checkbox.
    Now if your Yaw motor's zero position deviates from your desired zero position, you can adjust required offset on a "Follow mode" tab in the GUI.
    On that tab there is a "Advanced settings" group box with three spinboxes under "Home position offset" label. There you can make your amends for home position. Although I personally was not able to make my camera's roll and pitch motors to assume home position at startup, my yaw motor was seeking home very well. But it was only after I got correctly working encoders.
  • Thanks.
    I had missed the checkbox "Search and move motors to home position at startup"
    I did have the "Center YAW axis relative to frame at startup" checked and assumet that was it.

    I'll try this when I'm around the gimbal on Monday to see if that did the trick. I think I have to remove the "Center YAW..." checkbox since they will likely override each other.