YAW motor - extremely slow reactions
  • Hi guys,
    I have problem with my custom YAW motor. This reacts extremely slowly. At the end the camera always returns to the desired position but with a delay. This is my third gimbal with Basecam controller, but I've never met anything like that.

    Please, check this video (Lock Mode, all three axes are locked):

    - PITCH and ROLL works great
    - SimpleBGC 32-bit Extended
    - newest firmware
    - encoder in YAW motor, but is the same issue if is disabled/enabled
    - both IMU are properly calibrated

    I have been trying different settings in the GUI for a week, but nothing. Do you have any idea what might be wrong?

    Many thanks for any advice.

  • Hello,
    It seems this motor has high inductance with very low Kv factor. It means that max. speed is limited to low values, if you have low battery voltage and/or low POWER settings - it will may be a case.
    Of course P,I,D settings affects, too. I guess you set it to maximum already.

    Big improvement would be installing 2nd IMU in the "Above YAW" position. With the 2nd IMU you can make use of the "magnetic link" parameter: if POWER is not at maximum, it will improve the speed response.