[2.66b0+] No GUI connection, 256000 baud too high

    (Caps just for you to notice early, not yelling)

    Non-working serial was because the board refuses any communication in panic mode.
    Yeah, quality software. On errors, don't give anyone a chance to find out what happened.
    I reported some of that issues some months ago, nothing improved. How'd I dare?

    So what happened?
    I can't directly go to 2.66. (sic) Yeah, why would I?
    I had to walk the complete update path. Find a low version that worked to initialize EEPROM, so no error condition breaks comms.

    In Detail:
    -> 2.60. Flash, init, calibrate, works.
    -> Update to 2.63. Works. No CAN devices accessible. Yeah.
    -> Update to 2.66b0. Works. No CAN devices accessible. Wtf?

    Here, things break again.
    -> Update to 2.66b2. Freak out light show.
    -> Downgrade to 2.66b1. Had a backup. Dead.

    Walked that road for a few times now, always hoping things would be better next time.
  • Hi,
    We just tested the loading of 2.66b2 from server to the "Extended" board. It works with the CAN_Drv and CAN_IMU as expected.

    Try to do following steps:
    1. Set "Service" - "Emergency stop" - "Restart after a pause" = 0 to prevent cycle reset
    2. Disconnect CAN devices and start firmware. If encoders are enabled - disable them. Or better, erase EEPROM using the "Board" menu. Do it on firmware that works. Then upgrade to 2.66b2 - will it start or not?

    We had reports that some "Extended" boards manufactured by our partners, failed to work with the latest firmware (2.65, 2.66). But as we have no samples of such board in our hands, we can not find a reason. Check that MCU is exactly the "STM32F303VCT6".
  • UPD: shorting of the CAN signal lines (cross-shorting or shorting to the ground or +5V) can make system fully unfunctional (even MCU does not start). Also, the absense of 100 Ohm terminator causes the same. Please check you CAN bus hardware connection.
    (We will fix it in next beta release to properly handle CAN hardware failure at system start).