Gimbal not connecting to SimpleBGC
  • Hi all

    First post here to try and sort out my Ghost V3 gimbal.

    The gimbal was working fine then all of a sudden it started to go a little weird. So tried to connect to the SimpleBGC software (v2.50b3) when I connected the without the motors running all I got was "sensor not connected"

    It was suggested by SIC to recalibrate the IMU & Encoders I can't do that because of the above error message. It was then suggested that I update the software to the latest versions Board is on v3.0 & SimpleBGC is running 2.63b0

    Still the same.
    As I've read a couple of posts I feel the IMU may be bricked if so what and how do I get it up and running again. Quite new to this side of things so do bear with me.
  • I've always had the i2C sensor connection error says Señor is not connected. Now got another error saying "Serial data corrupted"
  • To update further I now have a connection from the IMU to the Mac software.

    I'm now trying to calibrate the Accelerometer I go to the Sensor calibration help window and try and calibrate the +Z access and when I click Calibrate I hear two beeps and then progress bar goes unto 100% and then nothing happens, no tick to say its been successful.