Storm32 NT and Alexmos Pixhawk Mavlink
  • Ok so I am pretty active within groups that support Pixhawk Mavlink.
    I am working with some guys to get a gimbal working with the new PH 2.1 cube running Arducopter 3.5 but coupled with the IMX6 Solo link computers handling smart shots including gimbal control.
    Many of the folks on those groups point to the Storm as being more compatible with Mavlink

    Am I correct in saying the Alexmos is just as capable of working with Mavlink?
    I really like the look of the encoder version extended boards
    Since they appear to have connections for encoders already.

    Don't mind spending the extra money on Alexmos if I will not face challenges interfacing to my Flight controller and companion computer

  • Hello,
    SimpleBGC32 has very basic support of MavLink protocol related to a gimbal control.
    It capable of receiving the attitude and position information for synchronizing it's IMU with the Pixhawk, and controlling gimbal in regular mode ("follow frame") and POI mode.
  • any plans to expand on support?
    The new flight controllers coming out with companion computers are going to leverage controllers a lot more in the future?