Total Beginner here. Is the SIMPLEBCG software compatible with any board?
  • We are trying to design our own gimbal in my group as a project for school and are thinking about using an Arduino 101 for it, but I want to make sure we can install the firmware on it and run the program just fine. Also want to add on that I've downloaded the GUI onto my computer but the window for it is tiny and I don't see a way to change it.
  • You probaly have a 4K display. Use scaling or lower resolution on the display
  • Yeah that's what I was thinking it might be. I have a 2K display so I'll try a lower resolution.
  • Changing resolution did not work. The window stayed the same size.
  • That is very strange and on 2K display it should not be any problem anyway. Check if you can dind the scaling on windows. Do not remember now, writing on Mac, but know it is there.