Gimbal is shaking when tilting pitch 90°
  • Hi,
    the gimbal is stable but when I tilt the pitch axis 90° facing down it became unstable. There are no vibrations when it became unstable as you can see in the video. https://youtu.be/RKhqwnKeo68
    You can see that when I move roll and pitch axis yaw also moves a bit in the GUI. I have already tried to erase EEPROM.
    -32 Bit board
    -firmware 2.63 b0
    -two axis

    Thanks for helping

    Cheers UNb3g3r3nzt
  • it works now but only with the none encoder version.
    I updated to an old 2_43b9 then I updated to verion 2.63 b0 again but not the encoder version. Calibrated both IMU and than it worked.
  • Sometimes things like this can happen if you have the wrong order of Euler axes, too.
  • I think it wasn't the euler axis. the encoder version just didn't support that featcher if you dissable encoder. I thought that the encoder version would worke the same way the normel do when you disable the encoder. That's most likely not true.
    Would be interessting if that's the case. If the encoder version with 2 IMU can't tilt the pitch axis 90°.

  • from where do you choose to have the FW version without encoders?