bad usb cable?
  • First time user here...

    Here's the symptoms I'm having, wondering if it's a bad cable?

    1. First plugging everything up and it shook like crazy
    2. Red dot on monitor was moving around constantly (after mucking about with things it seems that stopped... but gimbal still shakes like crazy when powered on)
    3. The monitors don't seem to respond to movement
    4. I get read/write errors from time to time.

    I'm hoping it's just the cable and will try to pick up a new one... but in the meantime, quick question - are the monitors and acc/gyro calibration supposed to work with *only* the usb (and no batt power) plugged in? The manual seems to indicate so (says to plug in main power supply *after* the calibration is done)...
  • Yes, you will get realtime data in the monitoring tab (and dial movement), even without battery power if you are 1) properly connected to the board (sometimes it disconnects or never properly connects), and 2) you don't have the Pause button on the monitoring tab on.

    Yes, getting a new USB cable is a good easy first step.