upgrade function in GUI not available at the moment??
  • I tried to get the latest firmware for the board, but the function is not working in the GUI. Serial number is shown, but no latest version or scroll menu for available versions.
    I tried with another board and another GUI with same results.
  • Please provide one serial number as an example, we will check it.
  • 0123096c29be24e8ee


    thanks for that fast reply!!
  • I checked both serial nunbers, they have properly assigned license and a standard set of firmwares, so I have no ideas why upgrade list is empty.

    This is how my GUI looks after requesting a list of firmwares:
    Can you make similar screenshot?

    May be there is a network error, that is not properly displayed. In this case, you can try to start GUI with console visible by the "run_console.bat" script, and it will give more information.