Is my idea of basecam usage on a motorbike possible?
  • Hello,

    I discovered the basecam world recently, so I don't yet really know what's possible with, how to work with, etc... And as I have a little bit different usage than with a drone, I have some questions... (I also don't know the right terms, and english isn't my mother tongue, so sorry if my message isn't crystal clear ;))

    But first let me explain what I'd like to do. Instead of using gimbal under a drone, I'd like to use it on my motorbike (on top of the handlebar), to keep a stable horizon while motorbike is tilting. So I don't need 3 axis, but one or two:
    - Roll is definitely necessary, but I'd like to be able to deactivate it to go back to "classic mode" with camera tilting with the bike
    - Pitch ... I don't know yet
    - Yaw isn't necessary in my case.

    So I'd like to use a SimpleBGC card, and 3d print a case for the card and motors. But I'd like to have possibility to lock an axis at 0°. The idea would be to have 2 switches (one for Roll, one for Pitch) to:
    - or have the axis moving to stay horizontal while bike is on tilt
    - or lock the axis at 0° to let the camera follow motorbike movement (as if there wasn't any gimbal - but on one axis only)

    Is that possible? Is there inputs on SimpleBGC cards to plug switches, and is this function existing on firmware?

  • I am not sure I follow what you are saying, but pretty sure you want all axis working. You can set the follow functionality separate to each axis on the user interface.
  • Hello,
    No, I don't need Yaw axis, and for Roll and Pitch I'd like to be able to activate or deactivate them independently. But when I say "deactivate" it means stable at 0°, no move at all (like no gimbal on this axis)
    And I want to activate/deactivate using a switch for each axis.
  • Two axis gimbal works ok, but it needs to be 2 axis. There is now SW lock for the motors, but if it is ok gimbal follow works well.
  • Why does it need to be 2 axis? For a drone I understand, but my goal is to keep horizon stable when my bike is on tilt. So roll axis should be enough I think. I'd like to test with pitch too, but I'm not sure it will have a better render than without it (that will compensate acceleration and breaking, not sure it will be better than without). That's why I want to build a 2 axis gimbal and looking for a way to lock one axis independently of the other (pitch if I don't like the effect, roll if i want to have image tilting with bike).

    Or said differently, with the same hardware, without having to change nothing else than a switch position, I'd like to still be able to record this kind of movie:
    but with also this kind:
  • Build a very strong 3 axis gimbal and look into the follow functionality. Or build just 2 axis gimbal. It still needs to be strong to withstand the external loads. Also you will need vibration dampening. And you can build also 1 axis gimbal.

    What is not possible is 3 Axis gimbal with SW lock for the axis, but you can have different 1 or 2 axis profiles and mechanically lock the unused axis.

  • If I understood well what follow mode is, that's not what I need.
    And a mechanical lock was my first idea, but I don't like it. If I forgot to remove the "mechanical lock", I think motors will burn... That why I would prefer a "motor lock".
    And why that's not possible to do that with a switch? Because there's no input on the card, or of the software? (I don't see any other reason)
  • Because it is not how it works. You can use very tight follow settings, that is the best SW "lock" you will get.