Gimball problem ?
  • Hello,

    i bought a used "Came-7000"
    and i used youtube tutorials to balance it.
    I think i did it right because everything he said i followed and looks good. It stays in position.
    I used these 3 part tutorial (

    But when i turn on the Came-7000, it goes to left en right and the camera goes slowly down?
    I made a video of it, you can see it here: https://youtu.be/UQjAszauzAM

    Does somebody know what's wrong? And how i can solve it?
    Please let me know. It drive me nuts !
  • Seems your basic setup is wrong. It could be many things, most usual ones wrong inverted or badly wrong number of poles. Could be also just PID tuning, or even broken motor, but more likely something else.

    See carefully trough the basic setup.
  • I think you need to calibrate the accelerometers, which is why you get two axes moving at once. There is probably more wrong with it, too. Invert and wrong number of poles (as Garug mentioned) are good guesses. I looked on the CAME-TV site, and based on one blog I saw, it was using 14 pole motors and no invert boxes checked, but I can't be sure.

    The best thing would be to see if you can figure out what firmware version your gimbal is using and then ask on various forums if anyone has that gimbal and firmware. If so, you should be able to use their profiles.
  • Thank you guys.
    but i have a macbook and can't connect the gimbal.
    i installed all the drivers but it won't recognize the gimbal