Total beginner, several questions
  • Hi, we just purchased a second hand came gimble 7800 with assurances that everything was in perfect order. We have mounted a Nikon 5500 dslr. When we turned the gimble on the motor sounded like it was working against itself and was slowly spinning without much direction through the three axis. After repositioning the camera it seems to be better balanced. We managed to connect the simple bcg v2.43 b6 on our recently purchased mac book to the device and tried to use auto to calibrate it as per cametvblog video.
    So questions!
    How do you calibrate? (Tried pressing the joystick button 5x; then holding it for 5 seconds until the beep.)
    Since it's second hand should we reset it?
    Could it be that it still isn't balanced and there isn't anything wrong with the calibration?

    Any help with setting it up would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise we may need to look for a local technician.
  • Did you upgrade firmware because you shouldn't do that
  • I suggest you finding the member garug I'll try to find a link to his videos he's one of the best people to ask