Orientation Still lost after 6 point calibration.
  • Newbee here with what i am sure is a newbee question. I just purchased a used gimbal and I'm trying to get started and calibrated. I have a W BGC-pro camera stabilizing system on my gimbal. The motors are BGM8108-150 brushless motors. I hooked it up to the simpleBGC app on the computer and performed a 6 point calibration on both IMUs but unlike the youtube videos, my gauges never stabilized. They keep spinning out of control. I checked the live feed sinogram amd it shows the senors are spinning wildly when the unit is perfectly still. I did notice that when i change the frame IMU position in the app to above or below yaw the gauges stop spinning briefly but then start to spin slowly and eventually go wild again. Could anyone give me some advice why these IMUs are not stabilizing even though the unit is perfectly still?
    -thank you in advance Zack
  • It sounds like the basic setup is not ok. The system will work pretty good even with one point calibration, when everything else is ok.

    This might help http://www.levitezer.com/blog/files/archive-may-2016.html
  • Would this mean the sensors might be bad? Or maybe a bad board? I've also done the simple calibration as well. The accelerometer shows the graph moving to each axis and clicks but the gauges can't find themselves.
  • Thank you for the link Garug! I will be going through the tutorials and will check back regarding the problem once I have an answer or more questions.
  • Thank you so much Garug. I solved the problem. The calibration was correct, the issue was that i was running the wrong firmware version with the incorrect driver. I uploaded the newest version with the correct driver and it fixed the orientation issues.
    Thank you-Zack
  • My question is like yours.Now ,I can't calibration the board correct. Is it right for firmware version 3.0 to "simple BGC GUI v2.6"?
  • The FW version is displayed on the GUI main screen. Board version is different.