SimpleBCG 32-bits Analog port Power Supply
  • Hello everyone,
    I am using an Arduino card in order to emulatate a joystick and then i will control the BCG using bluethooth but I don't know the maximal power supply the analog ports can bear.
    I am doing a PWM from a 5V supply to 3.3V beacause the manual says that the analog port need to be powered with a 3.3V .
    So my question is :
    Does the BCG analog port support a 3.3V PWM with 5V power peaks ? Or the maximal peaks are 3.3 V ?
  • I think there is more elegant solution to have remote control of your gimbal.
    Follow this tutorial: https://www.basecamelectronics.com/company/blog/show/?newsid=146

    I tested this and works great :)
  • Yes I saw this tutorial he seems to be great but I want to be able to controle the 3 axes. My current program allow me to regul the roll by a simple click on the button and then by moving the joystick from right to left ...
    If you have an other solution I'm in ! :)
  • Here is a sketch that is used:

    Currently you can move roll by rotating encoder but it won't be difficult to do modification in code and associate roll movements with something else.
  • Okay thanks I will see. but I can't really take all of the fonctionnement of this system because I have to code my own program for the school ...
    So a last question do you know what are the caracteristic of the input current of the bgc RC port needs to work ? And the BGC analog port ? ( PWM ? max/min voltage? )
  • I need to know the maximum voltage supported by the BGC card because I don't want to damage it ...
  • Not sure about ADC pins, but RC inputs are 5V tolerant because they support regular RC receivers.