• Hello. I have a quastion about Orbis encoder. Is it compatible with AlexMos 32bit board?
  • I have not tested it myself, but the beta firmware states that it now supports the RLS Orbis with PWM 459 Hz or SPI. To test the beta firmware, click the "Check for beta firmwares" box when checking for firmware updates in the GUI. The latest version is 2.62b4. You will also need to download a new version of the GUI to match this firmware (it will prompt you to download it).
  • thats great news. Can i get more info/spec. and this download. I'm in partner area.
    On RLS website is there a lot of option to configure Orbis. Can you help me configure correct order from RLS that i will get fully compatible orbis encoder with AlexMos 32 ? Many thanks
  • Hello,
    The only requirement is PWM frequency - 459Hz, choose it among others, or SPI by your choice. SPI is preferred but the wiring is more complicated (5 wires instead of 3 for PWM) . All other parameters are related to mechanical properties of encoder/magnet and we can not advise here. If you are not sure regarding any parameter, let me know.
    Regards, Aleksey
  • thank you :)
  • I think it's compatible and adding new functionality