Reusing encoder calibration data
  • The documentation for encoders states that calibration settings can be reused for similarly built gimbals, but it doesn't explain how to do this. I can load saved settings from an EEPROM backup, but the controller does not enable the encoders, and the only way I've found to enable the encoders is by going through the field calibration, which of course defeats the point.

    How can I enable the use of the encoders when loading saved settings or without going through the calibration procedure?
  • Enabling of encoders is a profile setting. The encoder calibration is also saved in the profiles.

    I guess I'm having a bit of trouble understanding your question.
  • Right, the encoders are enabled in the Encoders tab as a profile setting, however they are not used (i.e., the gimbal continues working in non-encoder mode) until after the E.Field calibration has been performed. In my experience, even when I load a profile with previously working calibration values, the encoders still aren't used until you do the field calibration again.

    Is the gimbal supposed to start working in encoded mode as soon as you load the profile? I've tried it many times, so I feel like I must be missing something. I'm running 2.60b4 encoder version.