• There is a similar application compatible to track your face and move the gimbal?
    it could be an important development for users of basecam
  • i would love to have something similar
    this can make the difference..dji has these functions that make their gimbals more attractive
    if you develop the way to track and follow a subject you will keep selling a lot...otherwise people will start to buy the damned dji stuff

    try to imagine how important can be this function got professional film productions...also other developers are going in that direction

    please don't miss this
  • this in not new been done 3 years ago on alexmos controller!
  • Can you give more information?
  • Donkey kong butter jelly time
  • Hey Oran can you elaborate?
  • there is even a commercial product on the market PLEAS do some research!! I will post DYI how 2 in the new year ...