Very Strange Gimbal Fault
  • So it's quite difficult to describe exactly the problem I'm having, so I took a video:

    My best description is that if the mount for the gimbal is rotated in a certain direction, when the motor turns back (to correct) it reaches a threshold and glitches in the opposite direction and gets stuck in an endless loop. But please watch the video; I can't describe it very well. The most frustrating thing is that it was working perfectly and then inexplicably started glitching out, and while I was tuning it on my PC and adjusting the mechanics a little, I cannot say that there was one particular thing that caused this. I also seems to only affect the Roll axis. The GUI also shows that the sensor is giving smooth output, so it doesn't seem like the sensor is faulty.

    Things I have done to attempt to fix the issue:

    Changing PID and power settings (many many times); it only changes the twitchiness of the issue as you would expect the PIDs to.
    Switching Gimbal motors
    Rewiring gimbal motors
    Changing the Pitch and Roll out ports
    Reversing the motor plugs & reversing the direction in the GUI
    Changing orientation and position of the sensor
    Changing the PWM frequency

    None of these has worked, and I can't even tell if they make the problem better or worse.

    I am using version the 2.2b GUI version on an 8-bit board. I have also tried to reflash the board, but I keep getting an "invalid avrdude exit code (-1073741515)!" error. My gimbal set up is shown in the video, but it's a two-axis front mounted gimbal with a GoPro and two DYS BGM2208-70 brushless gimbal motors.

    Any suggestions are welcome because I have no idea what to do.
  • Did you found a solution ? looks very similar to mine :/

    pass: gimbal