after update - dead 32 bit board.
  • After update to last version firmware - board not start up and two small components with 5 and 6 pin near CPU very hot ! ( i have photo but how stick it to post ? ). What can i do ?!!! Board voltage 12 V ( 3S)
    Simple update = minus 180 $ !!! and many time
  • dead components - is 3.3 volts linear regulator . But is not dead ! voltage droped to 1.5V.
    If i force give to alexmos board 3.3 V from external BEC - Board is startup and detected in GUI , but STM 32F very hot!!! I try to downgrade firmware to first version - no changes and "Sensor not detected" .
    I think STM need to change - but how i can reflash it ? serial is 0123606356cb2517ee