Problem with PWM Encoders and Pitch&Yaw RC
  • Hi all!

    I'm using Tiny pro controller for my gimbal, with three motors:
    - EG5015EN motor for Yaw axis.
    - GB5010EN motors for Pitch&Roll axes.
    All with AS5048A encoder (PWM communcation).

    My objective is get RC of Pitch&Roll, having Follow Yaw enabled. For better performance having frame IMU and all encoders enabled.

    I had no problem with frame IMU, neither with Follow Yaw. (A doubt I have is: why if I enabled second IMU "Below Yaw + PID..." I cannot check "Use Frame IMU, if possible" checkbox in "Follow" tab? All in all, using "Estimate frame angle from motors" works very good when having encoders. This doubt is secondary.)

    I tunned PID without encoders and using PWM RC and it worked perfectly. Enabling three encoders without RC makes the gimbal working smarter, but you can see that encoder's PWM signal is in RC_PITCH, RC_ROLL... All excepting RC_PITCH (or other RC pin, I am not sure now). With just one free pin I cannot control Yaw&Pitch with PWM RC signals. Looking to a schematic at the end of the manual it may be because they share this pin (encoder and RC).

    The solution I chose (just temporary) is disabling Yaw encoder for having two free RC pins and reach my control objective. But then Yaw start cobbing and this hard vibration is transmited to the camera when I zoom.

    Possible solution: Using Sum-PPM and virtual channels from RC_ROLL, but it doesn't work and I don't know why. I found this:

    "Support of a wide range of external control protocols
    Futaba, Spektrum, 5x PWM, Sum-PPM, 3 ADC.
    Flexible configuration allows for control of any functions of the system (every parameter that the system uses is configurable).
    The system can decode Futaba / Spectrum and provide PWM to control servo drives."

    Source: https://www.basecamelectronics.com/simplebgc32tiny/

    From "The system can decode Futaba / Spectrum and provide PWM to control servo drives." seems that the system cannot decode PPM?

    I saw that Futaba works fine, but I cannot implement it because I am using Ultimate LRS and doesn't accept S-bus...

    Other option would be having I2C communication for encoders motors, but I didn't find it in stock. I found SPI, would they work or would they squat RC pins as PWM ones do?

    I would thank very much every suggestion you can offer, I have spent many hours on this project.

    Best regards,

  • RC_Roll pin is mapped to AUX3 pin when using Encoder FW. That important note is hidden away and not immediately visible in the Encoder setup PDF from this site.