32Bit + Mavlink
  • Hey people!

    I've got an aerial 3 axis gimbal using a 32 Bit board (2.59 b9) with an encoder on yaw and two imus (one mounted and configured above yaw).
    This setup works really well except for the typical horizon drift on lateral movements, which I tried to solve by connecting the gimbal control to a spare CC3D FC via mavlink. Generally this works but in BGC it says "AHRS: low rate" and after testing I didn't see any difference in the footage. Horizon still drifts. Is there something I missed? Why is imu correction not working? Maybe the low rate in AHRS is the problem?

    I know that since the fw is beta it's not supposed to work perfectly. But there is literally no difference.


  • hi finst, did you fix this?
    where did you get documentation on using the controller via MAVLINK?
    im trying to read and control via serial, any ideas?
  • Hi martin,

    firstly the documentation on how to configure the bgc board is in the manual, page 67 I think (don't quote me on that, just a quick guess). Also there is information on how to tweak the corresponding telemetry link in your fc. And after all that done the "low rate" message is gone. But since I didn't have an opportunity yet to test the horizon drift, I can't tell wether it went away or not.