how to configure UpsideDOwn?
  • Hi guys i'm configuring my gimbal in a upsidedown mode

    i will use the gimbal ever in the upsode down mode so i don't need the change of state

    it will work only in that mode

    so what's the best way to configure and tune my gimbal? i'm finding problems on the roll axis..it looks like it's unstable

    is there a particular way to tune in this mode or nothing changes?!? it's the same to tune the gimbal in default mode?!??!

    thanks in advance

  • Encoders or not, one or 2 IMUs, what FW would be useful information to provide and also what exactly are you trying to configure.

    The gimbal can be just simply rotated upside down, are you trying to start upside-down? is camera upside down or only gimbal. how have you tried to configure it?
  • Hi Garug
    encoder board, 2 IMUs, FW 2_56b9

    just part of the gimbal is rotated upside down so i have the yaw in the bottobm, all the rest is in the standard position, the tiny board has the orientation of standard gimbals, the IMUs are oriented in the standard direction, Z up -X right

    no flipped elements except for the YAW motor and YAW arm

    this gimbal will only work in this configuration

    pay attention to the fact that also if i have encoders i can't activate them until i don't find the good tuning


    this is what i'm doing
  • basically i have the ROLL axis that doesn't stabilize

    it looks ok untill you don't move the gimbal then it starts to woble slowly, the impression is that as it comes close to the stop point it bouces back and tries again to arrive to the stop point looping this way forever

    i changed the ROLL motor twice, i changed the main board, i removed the unnecessay elements in the gimbal to find the perfect balance but nothing worked, the ROLL keeps wobling

    the other axis look ok for now..
  • If you always use like that and have not even tuned it yet, for get the hole upside down setting, just set the gimbal to work on that position as normal position. I.e. do the basic setup on that position.
  • yes that's what i did but the ROLL is giving problems as i described

    will produce a video that shows what i mean so you can help me more probably