Yaw keeps shaking
  • Good day,

    I am trying tu calibrate the Gimbal but whatever i do, the YAW axis keeps shaking (slowly).
    I have tried different PID settings and Power and + settings but it keeps shaking (slower or faster).

    Even with:

    P: 10
    I: 0.05
    D: 10

    It keeps shaking.

    What am i doing wrong?
    Other axis work fine

    I am using SimpleBGC GUI V2.56 b7

    Thank you!
  • I think I have a similar problem, what gimbal, motors frame are you using?

    If you put D = 255 what happens?

    Thanks, Matt
  • For yaw i have a the DYS BGM5208-200

    I will try D at 255 but i guess i have already tried something similar and the effect was the same or faster shaking.
  • I also have a DYS Eagle eye with Iflight 5208-200 motors. I was using 3cell, but I am going to try with 4cell and encoders as I built mine with encoders, but didnt have them plugged in on the initial test.

    My shaking was low frequency i.e. slow long movements not quick high frequency jitters. With a low P and High D it stopped, but it still overshoots when recovering a manual knock, as you can see on the monitoring tab.

    On the DYS, did you notice play/slop in the top hat bushings that slide over the motor shafts the ones that have the grub screws in them? Mine did, and a lot at that, I drilled and tapped 2 extra 4mm grub screws, under the clamp in each one, made a massive difference and no more play in that part.

    Might help, thanks Matt
  • Thanks for your reply. I finally found some time to work on it again.
    When i set the YAW D to 255 it is not shaking anymore BUT i can hear the motors constantly making some noise. I set the D to 200 and I think this is better. The motors are correcting the yaw (not 100% but good enough for slow turns) and they almost make no noise.

    Is it bad if the motors are correcting constantly but very minor?

    Thanks again
  • I havent had a chance to look at mine either yet, but for me when I have Power=255, on 3 cell, P=10 I=0.1 D=255 is the only situation where I dont get shaking, this is on both YAW and ROLL. My pitch is fine with "normal" vaules..

    I am guessing its something to do with interfearence, when I last did my tests I didnt use ferrite rings to help with this. Are you using ferrite rings on your motor cables? I am guessing maybe digital filters could help but not sure...

    Thanks, Matt
  • Hmm i still can't get it really good. If i tap the lens of the camera, the camera flips 90 degrees and starts than slowly recovering. while walking with the gimbal the yaw also sometimes starts turning. I'm not making fast movements and what i have seen on Youtube video's that should be possible as well..

    How can i solve this... It feels like i can't use the gimbal right now