Connecting Beholder ms-1 to mac and calibrating it
  • I tried to find the answer from forums and even emailed teamrebel but got no answer.

    I downloaded simplebgc_gui_2_40 and managed to open the program.
    I connected the gimbal to mac with mini usb and it makes a sound when connected.
    Nothing happens, it doesnt show up anywhere. Its like the mac doesnt recognize it.
    I probably would require a driver or something but this really is not my specialty
    and thats why I ask you.

    Thank you.
  • There should be a text document in the simple BGC folder that has links to the drivers.

    I had this issue, was doing my head in until I realised I had it plugged into the wrong port. Didn't know the port is next to the calibrate switch covered by a small panel with two small alan key screws.