How can i connect simple bgc gui to my 2axis gimbal when having osx?
  • Hi, i have mac and needs to connect to my gimbal and check settings, the gimbal is vibrating when i fly my phantom. i guess the gain is to high.

    what do i need to install so the usb can find the gimbal?

    ned help, thank you.
  • on a pc i got Connection, but it says that my firmware is 0.53b4 and I cannot find the simplebgc for this Version, can i Upgrade the firmware to a newer Version? it says basecam electrinics on the main Board. are there other ways to check that it is a real and not a copy?
  • I found a 2.2b2 version and i got connection with the gimbal and have calibrated it, done some changes in settings (copied from a youtube video) and it got a bit better, then i found out that the sensor on the camera arm is out of center. I got a tip to place the black chip in the centerline of both axis engines.. will try to see if this helps more :-)