RC_Roll pin mode Sum-PPM / s-bus working with Frsky?
  • Hello everyone.
    I try to add a RC Controller to my working gimbal.
    Therfor I want to use a FrSky DHT DIY transmitter and a D4R-II receiver. The output of the D4R-II is CPPM.
    The ppm signal is generated by an arduino nano and I shoud be able to set the pwm to the settings which work with the alexmos board.
    What are the ppm settings of the alexmos 32 bit board. and is this CPPM supported ?

    Thanks Dominik
  • PPM works fine, I do not know what CPPM is. no special settings, just standard PPM. There is many Arduino libraries. I suggest using SBUS with Arduino, less error.
  • I have a FrSky x8r, Taranis X9D plus, sbgc v3.0, FW 2.63b0. PWM works fine for me, but with Sbus on RC_ROLL pin, signals are not detected.
    Have the swap RC <-> UART2 disabled (even tried to enable it) but not luck. Any idea of what it might be?