firmware upgrade problem
  • I did an update from 2.40.b7 to 2.5 and after that the motors do not work and I'm not able to connect through usb to the PC. Is there a way to go back to the old firmware? Can anybody help please?
  • please help, is there a way to downgrade the firmware via another port or bluetooth as usb connection not working anymore? I'm new to the this, pleae help..
  • See users manual recovery. Is that 8 bit board? if so you should not try to upgrade to 32 bit fw.
  • I didnt know that its a 8 bit board, thats why I upgraded :( can I go back now? is it possible?
  • where can I find user manual? sorry for this noob questions but as I said, I am new to this :(
  • I managed to recover via xloader to 2.40 b7 :)
  • User's manuals, just look the top bar of this page. Good that you found the solution.