What board do I have?
  • Hi there,

    I just bought a 3 axis gimbal from ebay and the auction stated that an "3 Axis AlexMos v2.4 Contorller" was included.
    When looking closer to the board, It looks like the "BaseCam SimpleBGC 32-bit", but I do not have connections for A1-A3, BTN and AUX1-3...

    On the PCB its says:

    Here's a picture of the card:

    It has a P1 and P3 - Maybe that's the connection for A1-A3, BTN or AUX1-3?

    Also, I've downloaded "SimpleBGC_GUI_2_50b3" and when running this I get the following message:
    Error message 1:
    Something goes wrong when reading parameters:
    -Unexpected error: java.io.IOExpection: Limit reached!

    Error message 2:
    GUI vs board version mismatch. Firmware version: 2.3 b5, GUI version 2.50 b3.
    You should run matching GUI version, or upgrade firmware.

    Any help is received with a big "thank you"!
    No help from the seller at ebay :-(

  • You should run matching GUI version, or upgrade firmware.

    Use 2.3 b5 GUI (the software running in your computer) or upgrade FW (the software running in your controller) to version 2.50 b3
  • Thanx for the comment.
    Could you please guide me to where I can find the 2.3 b5 GUI version?
    The oldest version I can find is 2.40b8..

  • I am not sure what was the fist 32 bit FW, but 2.3 sounds like 8 bit FW. http://www.basecamelectronics.com/downloads/8bit/

    If your board is 32 bit, you absolutely should upgrade the FW, assuming your board is legitimate. Identifying that, I can not help, but if it is Ebay, 2.3 FW, 32 bit, new and price was much less than normal, there is a big change it is not. Hopefully someone can help you identifying what boar you have, my advise would be to avoid seller that do not provide support for the products they sell.

  • Ok, thanx...
    Not sure how to find out if the board is "real" or a copy.
    Who can answer that?
  • Download the proper GUI, if you have problems connection, there is a good chance it's a knock off.
  • I have the same board but has a broken transformer would really like to replace since it has built in wifi/Bluetooth where did you buy yourself mine came with a gifted dys kit