Roll axis oscillates no matter what...
  • Hello guys, I'm new to the community.

    I started to use brushless gimbal few days ago and I have strange problem to wich i couldn't find answer on the forums. If I'm wrong just tell me I'm bad at searching and plz point me to the solution link ;)

    Problem is that no matter what PID I set, the ROLL motor is starting to oscillate after i lean gimbal forward (pass 45 degree). Only difference is that sometimes it oscillate slowly, sometimes it is getting high vibrations.

    I tried mesuring frequencies and apply it in filters, but nothing is working (I dont know if i did it right, because my spectrum wasnt so clear as shown on tutorial).

    I am using gimbal from Shot Hunter ( http://shothuntershop.eu/collections/frontpage/products/red-shot ) .

    (the camera is balanced)

    Any ideas where can I start fixing this problem :) ?