Nacelle 3 axes qui vibre après une mise à jour
  • Bonsoir, j'ai récemment acheter une nacelle équipé d'une carte Alexmos 32bits. Tous fonctionnais bien jusqu'à se que je fasse la mise à jour du firmware 2.42b6 -> 2.50b2. Depuis elle tremble constamment. J'ai l'impression que cela viens du moteur "YAW". J'ai utilisé l'auto-tune et pendant les divers réglage de l'auto-tune la nacelle ne vibre plus. Dés que les réglage sont terminer elle recommence.

    Je suis totalement novice alors je m'excuse d'avance si c'est moi qui est fais un connerie ;)
  • Hi, my written French is really bad, so translated with Google.

    Make sure you are using the same GUI version number as firmware. I am not sure of the difference of 2.50b2 and 2.50b3 but I recommend loading the 2.50b3, it is officially the latest stabile verison. Try autotuning one axis at time with good stability setting. Sometimes it is necessary to erase EEPROM and redo all the settings. It is always good to save the profiles before update and also save the EEPROM. This way you can always easily go back to the previous version.

    Salut, mon français écrit est vraiment mauvais, donc traduite avec Google.

    Assurez-vous que vous utilisez la même interface graphique numéro de version du firmware. Je ne suis pas sûr de la différence de 2.50b2 et 2.50b3 mais je recommande de charger le 2.50b3, il est officiellement la dernière verison de stable. Essayez autoréglage un axe à la fois avec un bon réglage de la stabilité. Parfois, il est nécessaire d'effacer EEPROM et refaire tous les réglages. Il est toujours bon de sauvegarder les profils avant la mise à jour et aussi d'économiser l'EEPROM. De cette façon, vous pouvez toujours facilement revenir à la version précédente.
  • Thank you for your help.

    There are no 2.50b3 version in the list of update, only 2.50b2 and older.

    I erased the EEPROM and repeat the whole procedure.

    She always vibrates but this time I get an error "uncalibrated accelerometer."


    Translated by Google translation
  • That is strange that the update does not provide 2.50b3, It is listed here though http://www.basecamelectronics.com/downloads/32bit/#latest

    (I am using beta FW and did not verify what is the latest official I see)

    After erase EEPROM you need to calibrate the accelerometer. After you need to perform complete basic setup (recommended) or load old, previously saved profile (but if it had problems, the problems will likely remain)
  • after having calibrate the accelerometer and set all the parameters, the nacelle shake a lot, I can not find proper adjustment for perfect stabilization.
    What did I do wrong?

    This is a video of the nacelle behavior

  • It looks like something wrong on basic setup.

    - Are IMU directions correct?

    - Are motors assigned to correct axis?

    - Are motor poles set correctly?

    - Is motor inverted status set by auto?

    - Is the gimbal well balanced?

    - Did you autotune it one axis at the time with good stability setting?

    Note: the stand is not stabile, autotune and test it holding in hand.
  • When I hold it in hand, it is not at all stable. The PITCH is noisy, the ROLL going crazy, and THE YAW can not resist at all (it does not correct the trajectory)

    Balancing is good, motor poles are set Correctly (auto), motor inverted status are set by auto, motors are assigned to proper axis.

    For the IMU I think so because the needle moves in the right direction.
  • There is something really strange on your gimbal.

    Do you get I2C errors?

    Motor poles you should set manually to the exact count given by manufacturer. The gimbal needs to be retuned after

    Do you have enough power on the motors (but be careful not to overheat them. warm is ok, hot is not) Also after changing power the gimbal needs to be retuned.

    Ensure RC settings. better start everything disabled at RC, connect the joystick after everything is working.
  • I have no error 12C
    After some research on the internet. I think the pole motors (auto) are false. The software tells me Y14 R24 P24 but the manufacturer tells me Y14 R22 P22. I will start all over again with the proper poles and I recontact you. :)