Switching Profile freaks out my gimbal
  • Has anyone had success switching profiles via a 3-way switch on their Tx?

    I have this setup, and the switch seems to be happening, but as soon as I flip the switch, my gimbal starts spinning on the yaw axis.

    I have set up this switch to change from a 1-man setup to a 2-man setup. It would be great if I could make this switch pre-flight, but my gimbal starts spinning on Yaw with increasing speed. So, at this point I am forced to connect the board to my laptop and make the switch from the the GUI, which works fine but is a lot more trouble than simply flipping a switch on the Tx.

    Any ideas out there?
  • Sounds like Tx is not switching to the right profile. Test on ground GUI connected. after changing the switch position do GUI Read and see if correct profile is selected.
  • Thanks Garug. I'll give that a try.