Choosing components for my first gimbal.
  • Hey, I've been wanting to get a gimbal for a while, but the cost to acquire one in my country due to taxes prohibited me to do it for a while. So I decided to build my own, since the parts ( controller, motors and battery ) can easily slip through customs and then I would build the body myself using metal. I did my research and I'm thinking about getting 3 5208 motors and an 32 alexmos controller. But I wanted to get some input about the motors and batteries, so I can make it work rather easily.

    My Plan is to do a gimbal similar to the Letus Helix, since the design has several features that I liked (especially the ergonomy). So the axis that would carry more weight would be the pitch instead of the yaw.

    I'm flying a d5300 with a tokina 11-16mm f2.8 (about 1,6 kilos). And I'm on a budget of about 200 dolars on motors (with shipping, so free international shipping links would be a god's send). I'd like it to also handle bigger cameras like a 5d, black magic mini ursa or red if possible.

    So, my questions are: What motors should I choose for each axis? What affordable batteries could I use without them being a fire hazard? And finally: Do you think it is possible for me to replicate the letus helix design (I'm very handy with both electronics and metal work) and get a good working result?