HMBGC V2.0 3-Axis Gimbal Controller command assignment
  • I bought this HMBGC V2.0 3-Axis Gimbal Controller for my diy build on a 3-axis handheld gopro gimbal.
    Currently the Yaw axis motor doesn't work because the 3rd axis printboard is burned. I temporarily replaced it with a dummy motor to lock the yaw-axis. Here is a picture of the gimbal I made:


    The problem I'm having right now is that I can't seem to find a way to switch between modes. I want to be able to choose between steady, follow pitch and yaw or follow yaw. I allready programmed all the modes separatily and they are al working but I can only switch between the different modes with the board connected to the computer and Gui.

    At first I thought that the button on the HMBGC could be programmed to make a sellection between these modes but it seems this button is only for resetting the printboard. Is there someone that has experience with this board that can confirm this?

    The next thing I tried was to control 'command assignment' with a potentiometer like this: rc-settings, analog input, CMD input A0, A1, A2 and A3, I tried all four of them). But somehow this didn't work. I'm however able to control my pitch and or roll with this potentiometer, and in the Gui it shows that there's is a signal coming in from the potentiometer.

    When I assign to potentiometer to command asignment i can see that there is a signal in the Gui, but as soon as i try to turn the potentiometer the whole bar gets grey instead of the blue bar moving. After that I have to restart the gimbal controller to get the blue indicater bar back again.

    Btw. I'm running 2.2b firmware.

    Could anyone help me with this problem and perhaps give me a sulotion?

    Kind regards Remie
  • Nice looking gimbal, but the FW is very old. Normally the button should work just fine.
  • Thanks for the compliment. The firmware is old indeed, but I'm not sure if i'm able to upgrade it.

    here's a link to the unit I bought: http://www.banggood.com/HMBGC-V2_0-3-Axis-Gimbal-Controller-Plate-Module-With-Sensor-p-960565.html
  • Looking the price, it must bee illegal copy. The http://www.basecamelectronics.com/simplebgc32tiny/ would fit your design nicely
  • I think you're right about it being an illegal copy. And it would be the best to buy the simplebgc32tiny. But I wanted it to be a low budget gimbal and in theorie this board should do the job. So if anyone can help me figuring this that would be great.
  • Hi
    I've been dealing with this board for a few projects as well and yes its a cheap knowoff, locked in to that fw version. There is the German Brughi FW wich works as well.

    Any chance to give away that awesome gimbal model?