Wrong direction and number of poles on the GUI
  • Dear all,
    I would like to introduce myself, I'm Guilherme, from Brazil, and I'm having some troubles on the configuration.
    I'm using a 3s LIPO battery, Alexmos 32 bits board, and 3 GBM5208 200T, and every time I do the auto motor tuning, it returns different numbers of poles and invert, as you can see in the prints below (same configuration, and few minutes of difference).
    I did the accelerometer calibration by 6 positions, and gyro calibration.
    Can anyone help me?
    Many thanks.
  • Make sure nothing is mechanically binding and make 'I' higher
  • Garug,
    Thanks for the reply.
    About the mechanics, is everything ok.
    I tried to configure the motors before the motor tuning, with the PID set do 0, but is the same problem.
    What is strange is the fact that all Motor Tuning I do, shows me different number of poles and invert..
    I don't know whats else I can do...
  • It is ok if number of poles is not always same, you have to correct that manually to the correct pole count. The inverted must be set with motor auto and it should always be the same and must not be manually changed.

    Of course the motor inverted changes if you connect motor pins in different order, it could change if IMU orientation is changed also.

    So important to proceed according the user's manual, on the exact order as described on it. Shortcuts will just result waste of time and frustration.
  • Thank you Garur,
    The procedure was according to the manual.
    For sure I have a problem.
    After successive trys (without changing pins and IMU), the "inverted" is always changing.
    I've noticed that the motors do not heat up, even with the "power" set to 230.
    Could it be a battery problem? Could the 3s be weak? What do you think?
    Many thanks.
  • It depends of your motor resistance. If it is around 10 ohms, then 3S could be good, if it is above 15 ohms, then 4s is probably better.

    It could be that you have broken motors. measure the resistance between each motor pins. It should be same.
  • Yes Garug,
    I think you're right.
    The resistance between pins is ok. in all 9 motors that I have here.
    But the resistance is 16 ohms, so probably is better look for a 4s.
    It's necessary a 5s? Or a 4S is ok?
    Thank you for your help
  • 4S is 14.8 - 16.8V, I=U/R => around 1 A so your board could take more, but probably motors can not. With encoders I would recommend 5S but without encoders 4S.
  • Garug,
    I'm back to thank you the support.
    The problem was the battery.
    I changed to 4S, and is working.
    Many thanks for your help.
    Problem solved.