Magnetometer tuning, results
  • I am testing out the magnetometer with mixed results...
    although I am not seeing any drift, I am seeing "stepping" in a linear movement being performed over 30 minutes.
    below timelapses of 300 shots taken over a 30 minute period of time.

    the first video I was using mag_trust of 100 and gyro trust of 50
    all movements were linear from teh start pos to the end pos and made through the api
    you will notice lots of intermediate stepping in the positioning by the gimbal.

    the second video I used mag_trust of 10 and gyro trust of 50
    again, all movements were linear from teh start pos to the end pos and made through the api
    you will notice only a couple intermediate stepping in the positioning by the gimbal.


    im sure this is an edge case of practical application for simpleBGC but
    I appreciate any ideas or feedback you may have in the variance in position accuracy.

    turning off mag_trust generally gives me smoother linear movement with variable drift.

    thanks for any help.
  • Earths magnetic field is not static, but it should not jump that much and that suddenly. On the surroundings this was taken there could however be many things causing the fluctuations on the magnetic field. It could be something else also, like binding bearings.

    How had you configured the setup? follow or non follow mode?
  • its a multi-function gimbal, it is setup in non-follow mode for this type of shooting.

    do you think this could be related to the magnetometer calibration? or the way that it integrates the mag trust into the position? after all, it is a beta feature.
  • note: in both videos the yaw movement is the only axis that is not moving correctly. pitch and roll movements are as planned

    is it possible that it may be necessary to calibrate the magnetometer at each location prior to a long shoot?
  • I plan to try recalibrating the magnetometer at the location and setting the mag-declination(not sure if this will make a difference).

    edit: recalibrated and dropped mag_trust to 75 with similar results to the first video.

    fyi, found a easy site to use for that...
  • can voltage compensation cause fluxuation in motor current impacting magnetic interference? I would think that would be a more linear distortion pattern if that were the case.
  • Voltage compensation should not have big effect, especially if you have located the magnetometer far from motors and wires.

    I have not experienced with magnetometers jet, but what happens if you have follow mode activated? I would try it.
  • turning follow mode on did not have any effect.
    one thing I notice in follow mode, the first time I send a cmd set angle, follow does not work.
    I think the api overrides follow mode.
  • solved by moved the magnetometer, running in upside-down mode (as my device does) placed the sensor to close to the yaw motor.