Stopmotion with handheld
  • Hi,

    I tried to create a stop motion film (timelapse) with my handheld. I was at steady mode. I have located a column (40m high) in the middle of my frame .

    I walked straight for 50m (point 1) and turned (point 2) left for 50m. Untill the turn everything was perfect but after turning left the column moves out of the frame (point 3). Please take a look at the grafic for better understanding!

    What is my mistake at YAW? Any ideas?

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  • How would you expect it to work? it is keeping the heading as it should, but you are moving sideways so that the object goes out of picture.
  • Is it not possible that the frame is fixed by YAW if I walk sideways?
  • it makes no difference what way you walk, the gimbal aims to keep the camera heading.
  • Ok thanks :-(