Incedibly high values when using Autotune?
  • Hi,

    i am just new to the Basecam controller so maybe its a dumb question. I have the 32bit 3 Axis controller connected to a Walkera G3D gimbal (http://www.walkera.com/en/showgoods.php?id=2215).
    Right now i try to configure everything correctly using the auto feature. (i am using firmware 2.5b0).
    this is what i get:
    157 / 0.82 / 69
    75 / 0.96 / 43
    187 / 0.74 / 88

    for power i use 70 / 40 / 70

    i dont really know, but the PID values seem to be very very high: is this normal?
    The result is ok as long as the gimbal is just straight. Whenever i move it to a around 30° angle the camera strarts to wobble around a lot!

    So what can i do to prevent it?

    Thanks a lot!!
  • You have too low power or too high voltage. This should still work and probably is not cause of your problems, but would be better to have the voltage such that power is around 150 or more.

    Anyway do not put more power if the motors are already getting warm and always monitor motors frequently after adding power.

    What autotune settings did you use. Try better stability and tune one axis at the time starting from Pitch, next Roll and last Yaw. But over all there is nothing wrong with high values, if the gimbal is working good. generally higher values are better as long the gimbal does not start to vibrate etc.

    Do you have only one IMU. if so consider adding Frame IMU below yaw. With one IMU you could activate estimate angles from motors and perform follow offset calibration (both on follow tab) that should help.

    Also make sure IMU is well calibrated and installed.