yaw cogging and pitch/roll does not work in follow mode for version 2.44 b8 beta
  • I am running 32bit v3 board with 2.44 B8 beta. All three motors are DYS BGM4108-130.

    After upgrading to 2.44 B8 i am now experiencing yaw cogging/jerking. If i move very very slowly then there is no cogging/jerking. This is not the same jitter that everyone is getting. Cogging/jerking also occurs if i reverse and turn yaw the other way before it comes to a complete stop. If i move yaw back and forth at a medium pace i also get cogging/jerking. It feels like the motor is going over several bumps.

    I have tried erase eeprom, repositioning handle imu, calibrating gyro, lowering pids, lowering power, downgrading to older firmware versions, increasing expo and lpf, lowering speed.

    in firmware version 2.44 b8 beta the pitch and roll mother does not follow in follow mode.