Roll motor vibrate when tilting Tilt axis to far
  • When i move my Tilt axis up and down with the RC or just using the Gimbals handles themselves the Roll axis starts to vibrate harshly. Any idea what could be causing this? Everything else works fine and if i keep the gimbals within a certain range on the tilt axis it works fine as well. Just when i move it over a certain degree front to back or vice versa. I have a DYS 3-axis gimal, 32bit board, 2 imus, using a Canon t3i with a 10-18mm lens.
  • What kind of vibration is that, can you see the roll axis moving or only hear ringing? Later and it probably is PID tuning, if it is more shaking could be something else, but also on that case it could be PID tuning.
  • I have the same problem, when i tilt more than 35deg feom neutral, either way my roll and yawstart to oscillate voilently.

    Was any resolution found?
  • Is this with one IMU, without encoders? If so you need to activate estimate angles from motors.
  • I had the same problem. Just fix your gimbal in the position where roll and yaw motors start oscillating and tweek your PIDs until they do stops. This resolved also the yaw problem where it was like the motor had not enough strenght to keep up with the high tilt position.. it was the roll motor oscillation making it hard to maintain. cheers