turnigy 5208 - unreliable motors ?
  • You will be able to feel the motor poles when rotating the motors (without being installed on gimbal). It should though feel smooth, nothing blocking the movement.

    Also make sure with multimeter that resistance on each motor phase is the same (between each motor wire, 3 measurements) and the motor phases do not touch the motor metal parts. This is a typical problem on inexpensive motors.

  • Hi, thanks for the quick reply ! I'll try testing the motors once i get my hands on a multimeter.
    The winding on them doesn't look great... Some of the coils are quite fat and neighboring ones touch in places. Could this be part of the problem ? Is it worth trying to rewind the motors myself ?
  • Look picture 3. http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=30043354&postcount=3082

    It is important that wires do not touch metal parts of the motor, especially vires ends inside the motor, especially if they have solder on them.

    You could try reminding the motors and could get much better result, but that requires patience and accuracy, to get the winding correct. normally this should not be needed, just make sure that the resistances are ok and no connection to motor metal parts.
  • it seems that i used screws that were a bit too long, the coils below are damaged. Warranty probably won't work so i'll have a go at hand winding them. It looks tedious but pretty straight-forward. I'm having trouble getting them open though, does anyone have any tips on how to proceed ?
  • Just remove the eclip and pull. The magnets will pul it back so you need to pull quite hard.

    Be careful as the clip will fly-a-way easily

    And also, when winding, the winding directions and order really mater, so better make notes when unwinding it.
  • thanks ! yes i think with careful note-taking it shouldn't be too much trouble to wind it back exactly the same.

    yes, I managed to seperate the stator from the rotor, indeed the magnets were pretty strong, i now need to get the green enameled winding holder thingy seperated from the back cover. it seems to be held together really tight by a metal collar which is flush with the rest. no screws, nothing to pry, no way of pushing the bearings out (there is one either side). any ideas ?
  • It is normally possible to get the bearings out, but it will potentially break them. If they are ok, you do not have replacement bearing, it is better not to remove them. You can still clean and oil them on place.
  • i don't think i need to remove the bearings, just the green stator. its enameled so i don't want to scratch it. I can't unwind and rewind the wire easily without seperating it from the rest because i don't have access to the back

    should i just try to pry it off?
  • That is probably clued so hard that it can not be separated. Makes it difficult to rewind...

    Be careful not to expose the sharp edges of the stator when working on it. If they are not protected, the wire protection is easily broken causing short-circuit.
  • you're right, it's glued together and impossible to repair. all the soldering is on the hidden side at the back making it not possible to unwind. the motor is already dead anyway. too bad :(

    i will get a new motor and go for a more expensive option from a different vendor, and i'll get shorter screws... I think I'll go for iPower motors this time, they do sealed 5208's that look nicer and look a bit better quality. Do you happen to know a good supplier that ships to europe ?

    thanks for all the help
  • also would you recommend going for a higher pole count than 14 for the pitch axis ? i get the feeling this axis needs a lot of precision to feel smooth, will this help ?
  • I am currently testing t-motor GB54 and it feels a good motor, but it requires very precise length screws.
  • I read the threads above and now I have got questions:
    1- Does controller have some problems with different kinds of winding modes? I mean LRK or other configurations
    2- What is the most common wiring configuration for gimbal motors?