Autotune - Every Time new Values
  • It seems like i can play lotto with the autotune function and my gimbal :-)
    The Values are always extremley changing and always different. One time i get 0.03 as I Value next time same axis i get a value of 0.45. This is really strange!
  • You should check the gimbal mechanism carefully. that kind of variations indicate something is wrong with it.
  • I confirm the problem, the values are always changing and always different.
    Gimbal mechanism is ok, changed three gimbal.
    Auto-tuning does not work perfectly.

    - SimpleBGC 32-bit firmware 2.43b9 -
  • Nothing works perfectly, but the Auto tuning works very well for me. I do one axis at the time handheld.
  • Auto-tune does not work and mainly really gives you a total wrong idea on what are the correct PIDs for your gimbal.
  • I beg the differ.
    This is my first 32bit card.
    Ran one session on each axis from 0
    Then ran two more sessions from the current value, one axis a time.
    Couldnt be happyer.