Which transmitter?
  • Hi guys!
    I want to use sum-ppm or sbus rc settings because i would like to use as many chanels as i can
    Now i have a simple flysky transmitter but i am only able to use it in pwm mode.

    Can you guys recommend me some transmitters ?
  • for Sum-ppm it is the receiver providing it and available in many different kind of radio systems, probably flysky too. Also for SBUS systems there is PWM and SBUS receivers available.

    A transmitter recommendation would much depend of the price range you are looking at. I would recommend Futaba SBUS. If I would be buying transmitter now, Futaba T14SG would be high on my list.

    There is also other options to get SBUS, like DJI light bridge. On this case the transmitter is connected to the ground unit using transmitters trainers port (sum-PPM)
  • Thanks Garug!

    Well, i need the cheapest solution.
    But i need as many chanel as i can.
    Can you recomend a transmitter/receiver combo?

    Also, i have a flysky fs-t6 transmitter, and the receiver connected with a lot of cable to alexmos.

    Can you help me to recomend a receiver with sum-ppm or sbus which is working with my flysky? And i can connect only with one cable.
  • You could reduce the number of wires by connecting + and - only once. only the signal needs to be connected for each channel.

    I am quite sure it should be possible to find Sum-PPM capable receiver for flysky fs-t6, but sorry, I do not know flysky and what they have available.

    If Sum-PPM capable receiver is not available and you need more channels than possible normally via PWM, you could use a PWM to sum-PPM converter like this https://store.3drobotics.com/products/ppm-encoder (I do not know this converter, it is just first I found with Google)

    I have one inexpensive transmitter Orange T-six and I like it a lot, though it is so ugly it is almost good looking :-)

    I am using it with OrangeRx R100 DSM2 Compatible Satellite Receiver on some small multicopters and it works great. This should also work with BaseCam board, but I have understood there might be a problem with DSM, though I have not tested it with BaseCa board.

    I do not have OrangeRx R615X DSM2/DSMX Compatible 6Ch 2.4GHz Receiver w/CPPM , but if I understand correctly it provides Sum-PPM (CPPM)

    Though, if you are buying a new system, for gimbal it could be nice to have one that is with sliders on sides...