The 3.rd axis from hell
  • Hello again.

    So now i am at last after having numerous other wierd problems with my 8bit at the point where eveything is working.
    The setup im using is a self made gimbal, damn close to ballanced in all axis.
    5208 yaw motor
    4108 roll/pitch
    Trd 8bit card, high current
    and 3.rd axis extention card from flyduino
    Bluetooth module from flyduino

    pitch, stable on its own.
    Roll, stable on its own.
    Pitch and roll stable togheter.
    But then i add yaw. Yaw works fine over most part of its travel, But there are sertain points where if i for innstance in follow mode make a slow turn and camera is on its way back to neutral, it will at some location start to jitter on the yaw axis making roll drop its hold for a sec and then return togheter with yaw.

    If i shake the rig violently nothing happens it just shakes. But at that one point when i make a slow and stady turn it will start jittering.
    Fast turns are ok for some reason. and its preaty much exlusive to the one side.

    There are no tight cables, nothing dragging on eachother.
    I just dont seem to be able to tune it away.

    Any inputs? Im groving grey hair as we speak.
  • Is the basic setup performed completely from the start when you added the 3rd axis? sounds like the Yaw inverted might be wrong or something else on basic settings. Gimbal flex could also cause these issues. or unbalance, but you say it is balanced well. PID settings of course could cause this too.

    And it could be broken yaw motor.

    It is really so many things it could be that the only advise I can give is to start from zero and ensure that everything is correctly set up (mechanics/settings)